Knights In Paper Armour

Somewhere in time,
There lived a simple man,
He had a plain old job - a baker man,
In the day he kneaded, molded and sweat,
In the night he dreamt,
He was a knight in paper armour.

Saw the world in distress,
Drought, hunger, mindless wars...
He wanted to fight injustice, save the
helpless, right many wrongs,
But he was only a knight in paper armour.

On his street, there was this beauty,
A waitress and a budding writer,
Who held no pretenses and down to earth
They met on his doughnut run, she smiled,
an angel on Earth,
He was speechless, he was blue.
Night after night he thought he would
do some amazing thing,

Prove to her, a hero,
but all he could see and smell,
was flour and baking scents.

One day he decided to approach her,
With a fanciful story in mind,
About the world he saved, just two blocks away.

Stammered and slowly he told,
She laughed at him, and said,
“I don’t need a knight in shiny armour,
I just want this baker boy with a heart of gold.”

So I ask you, lucky reader,
Are you a knight in paper armour?

by Albert Choy August 21, 1999 (revised October 2008)

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